The Importance Of Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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Civil rights and civil liberties play an important role in today’s society. It impacts our lives. Some people may think as to why it impacts our lives. Civil right is the basic right to be free from unequal treatment, based on a certain religion, culture, gender, disability, and race. The freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, voting rights, and equal protection under the law are examples of civil rights. Based on my research, many people believe the freedom of speech is the most important right that influences individuals to allow themselves to express their beliefs without fear of interference or interruption. Civil liberties are the basic freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Right, it is substantial because they guard or protect the rights and freedom of a person. The significant of the civil rights and the civil liberties are to give equal…show more content…
The conflicts that occurred in the United States by which people like Rosa Parks helped to resolve the issue. The issues of Ireland and the United States, they both fought for their freedom and rights. The differences are that British invaded Ireland and forcefully claimed the land of the Irish people and argue that they own the land and is not going down without war, in the United States the people were treated by their races, white people getting treated well while black people are treated like pieces of trash. Irish and Americans both had rough lives. The problem that affected the African Americans in the United States is now resolved and people are peacefully living together without racism. Irish people are still at war and is still trying to take back their land from the British. In conclusion, the Irish people have not lived in peace, still fighting for their freedom. No war or issue starts when people are treated equally and receiving equal rights. Every issue or disagreement can be resolved with the effort of wanting to live in peace and

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