Civil Rights Lawyer Essay

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Introduction Being a civil rights lawyer is a beneficial career being that discrimination and harassment is still on the rise. Civil rights lawyers have helped others for many years and will still better for many more to come. There is an extensive process in becoming a civil rights lawyer, meaning that it will take a long time to get there. Throughout this paper, the history, education, salary, what it means to be a civil rights lawyer, and much more will be discussed. Description Civil rights lawyers help out people who have been discriminated against or harassed because of their race, gender, age, sexual preference, disability, or affiliated with a group that’s not generally accepted by the discriminator or harasser. Most civil rights lawyers take on the career because they either haven’t been treated equally or want’s to make a big difference for those who have. They start off by investigating their client 's case, then they file legal appeals, set a court date, afterwards if a trial is set, then the discriminator/harasser is to be sued for their…show more content…
It all started in the 5th century with the Romans, but didn’t begin to become prevalent until in the early 1600s in Europe. Adriaen van der Donck was one of the first civil rights lawyers of his time. Even though Adriaen was the first civil rights lawyer, Thurgood Marshall is considered one of the most famous advocates when he became a U.S. Supreme court justice to make things fair for the minorities who have been discriminated against. Civil rights lawyers have been prevalent for so many years because of the laws changing against discrimination. From the 17th century, to the 1960s and up until now civil rights lawyers have helped out a lot of people who haven’t been treated equally, and in the future things will be a lot better when it comes to people and their
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