Civil Rights Moment

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There are many historical moments in history where there is racial inequality present. Slavery will always be a moment in time when people could see just how cruel African American Families were being treated by white people. Slavery was a time period in which Individuals Specifically African Americans were brought at auctions and used as tools by slave owners. After the civil war President Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation. This meant that “all persons held as slaves are and henceforward shall be free” this only took effect for confederate states only. After the civil war ended in in 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a man who goes by the name of John Wilkes Booth. This led to congress ratifying the abolishment of slavery…show more content…
The civil rights movement was a movement in which African Americans wanted to secure the basic rights of the United states and be able to have an equal opportunity as everyone else. On December 1 Montgomery Alabama, A woman by the name of Rosa Parks who played a major role in the NAACP was snatched from a bus and taken to jail after refusing to give up her seat to a white person leaving her to sit in the back of the bus, which at the time was designated For African American men and women. This sparked an up raw in the black community, Blacks began to have peaceful protest and stopped taking the city buses. This protest/boycott to eleven months before almost crippling the city’s public bussing leaving no choice but to desegregate them. Another excellent leader of the civil rights movement is Martin Luther King. King is known for his voice having a major impact in the black community. He was also known for using nonviolent resistance to overcome injustice, and he never got tired of trying to end segregation
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