Civil Rights Movement In America

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I believe that a new civil rights movement is forming in America. Intersectional feminists, the BlackLivesMatter organization, and many individuals are striving for a change. Even presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders sees the need for change in America. I have seen ordinary people organize protests. Others paid for the funeral costs for the police brutality victims. No matter the contribution, most people demand the call for equality. Average students are becoming more and more like Dr. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael, and even Rosa Parks (who is often compared as Bree Newsome in this time - the woman who tore down the Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House). Millennials are striving to fix the problems previous generations…show more content…
Discussing the racism within diversity seems like a taboo topic nowadays. My group of friends reflect my need for diversity intellectually and racially. My friends often motivate me to take on new topics in regards to race. We take part in group discussions on topics that many people view as uncomfortable. Our topics have included transgender men and women, homophobia, women 's rights and even the problems in…show more content…
I publicly discuss prejudice. As an African-American with a Islamic surname I have received several hateful comments, including being called the “n word” and a terrorist. I believe that diversity is the key for acceptance among the American population and the factor that will destroy xenophobia.
It bothers me seeing that several people feel as if diversity is harmful. Diversity helps to end the severe presence of prejudice in America by allowing people to get accustomed to various cultures. The more people are exposed to different cultures and religions, the less prejudice there will be in the news, magazines, entertainment, and sports.
Eventually I hope to have several works published. I want Americans to know how much people of color, homosexuals, Muslims, and women struggle in the world. There is a tier of importance in society and if you’re not a white man or woman it’s hard to avoid discrimination. I’m glad to be a part of a generation that is demanding change instead of seeking it. Like the great Carmichael Stokely said, “The first need of a free people is to define their own
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