Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. And Rosa Parks

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Civil Rights Movement Imagine that one day you were walking to school. It’s the 50’s so you have to go to a different school because of your race. As you are walking a stone strikes your head. You begin to cry, and the young boy who threw the stone is laughing, and telling you that you’re worthless. These acts of hate what drove Africans to the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement changed the United States thanks to the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. From 1950-1960 the Civil Rights Movement was fought (Murphy, Bruce Allen.). Due to the unjust treatment of African Americans the Civil Rights Movement had started to return right back to people of color (Murphy, Bruce Allen). The movement was carried out through boycotts and protests (Murphy, Bruce Allen). A few of the activists include Rosa Parks as well as Martin Luther King Jr. (Murphy, Bruce Allen). After the movement had ended several laws were passed returning Africans their rights. In spite of the relentless hate one main activist , Martin Luther King Jr. who lived from 1929-1968 became the most famous figure of the movement ("King, Martin Luther, Jr."). Martin led the movement as its leader. In 1963 many people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for Martin’s famous “I have a dream” speech…show more content…
Rosa Parks is known for her role in the Bus Boycott ("Parks, Rosa Louise"). Rosa was arrested for breaking the law that required blacks to give up their seat for whites ("Parks, Rosa Louise"). The activists saw this as an opportunity in the movement and turned Rosa’s arrest into a boycott ("Parks, Rosa Louise"). For one whole year, Africans refused to ride the bus ("Parks, Rosa Louise"). “Their boycott ended when the Supreme Court of the United States declared that all laws promoting segregated seating were unconstitutional.” Due to the boycotts positive outcome African Americans were filled with

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