Civil Rights Movement Research Paper

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Civil Rights Movement The Civil rights movement was a movement that was brought on by unfair conditions, Jim Crow, affecting the lives of a whole race of people. It was now time to claim democratic rights. The historical events that created the conditions of the Civil Rights Movement, major events involving the legislature, and nonviolent civil disobedience were all major contributions to the rise of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King Jr. grew into leadership and went on to lead many non-violent demonstrations. The Civil Rights Movement had a strategy implemented to cause nonviolent distress to the community and the world, and to not allow the oppressor to continue to demean the black stride in America. Leading up to the Civil…show more content…
1. Nonviolent demonstrations; demonstrators would go out into the community and exercise their constitutional rights. 2. The racists will unleash violence against the demonstrators in resistance. 3. Americans of Conscience demand federation intervention, and legislation 4. The federal administration intervenes to enforce the law and pass legislation. A major event occurred which was the turning point for the CRM was the Freedom Riders demonstration. Group of SNIC students boarded two buses to desegregate buses and waiting rooms in the Deep South. One bus was destroyed on the way and the other attacked in Birmingham. The FBI knew and never showed up to offer aid to the demonstrators. The students continued their bus ride, which makes Kennedy react. Kennedy then demanded protection for the demonstrators, and they aid disappeared. US Marshalls were ordered, but nothing stopped the students from being arrested in Jackson, MI and sentenced to sixty days in prison. Birmingham was the most segregated city in the nation. Black citizens of Birmingham were suffering from systematic repression, and couldn’t even hold low wage jobs. Only 10% of blacks in Birmingham were registered to vote. In April 1963 the children’s crusade occurred. The mayor during that time, Bill Connor, ordered the fire department to control the demonstrators with extreme violence using high pressure hoses. Two-hundred school aged children were arrested on school buses. Bull Connor then released the police dogs on the demonstrators, and another two-hundred demonstrators were arrested. After all of that, the movement was still going when another 3,000 school aged children marched. Bull Connor’s orders to attack were declined by officers. Labor unions raised the funds to bail the demonstrators out of jail. Weeks later Birmingham, AL was desegregated. August 1963 200,000 decedents of slaves and their white allies marched in Washington with MLK and
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