Civil Rights Movement Summary

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Karen Umemoto’s study of the various student organizations formed by Asian Americans in the 1960’s titled "On Strike!" San Francisco State College Strike, 1968-69: The Role of Asian American Students, deals with the various college organizations formed for the purpose of ensuring quality educational attainment opportunities for the group in the period the Civil Rights Movement. The period saw students take to the streets and challenge educational institutions and boards when they were denied equal opportunity in education and also called for studies of their own groups as part of the curriculum. A very important mandate of these various groups was to work in counter hegemonic sites in terms of their willingness to “develop ideas running counter to prevailing paradigms.” (Umemoto 1989, p.7) These associations and groups sought to create educational initiatives which would be relevant to the needs of the community and allow people to take control of their lives. Another very interesting aspect of it was that it promoted the idea that “knowledge came from work in the community.” (Umemoto 1989, p.7)…show more content…
The ICSA, formed in October 1967 was composed of Chinese students who sought to engage mainly in “social cultural and community activities.” (Umemoto 1989, p.11) They were also inclined to participate in the social services in the Chinatown which included the War on Poverty office and taught Chinese immigrants English language for the purpose of their easy assimilation and later acquired finances from the associated student government for the purpose of improving their academic projects and also to study the Chinatown power
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