Civil Rights: The Story Of Rosa Parks

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We all know who Rosa parks is. She is an important woman to our history. Rosa was a black woman wo had the courage to stand up for her rights and encourage other blacks to do it. During the 1950 's, racism took over the American Society. White people were seen as high-class people and balck people were gross, poor, and had no rights. According to light-skin colored people back then, people of color like blacks had to have different rights because they did not deserve them. This law included men too. The story of Rosa Parks basically tells about the standard segregation laws back then. White people could sit down and black people had to go stand in the back, also if a white person came in a black person sitting down would have to offer his seat to the white person. Rosa Parks was getting tired of the colored no civil rights laws and she decided to do something about it. One day she sat on the bus and as soon as a white lady asked her for her spot she would not stand up. everyone in the bus was in shock, how could a black…show more content…
Rosa did not give up, the bus driver got off and policemen came up to take Rosa away. She was arrested for violating the "Jim Crow laws", those laws in favor of the practice of segregation. Years later, blacks began to think about rebelling too because they wanted freedom and equality. A group called Montgomery Improvement Association began a boycott against the Jim Crow laws. Soon, all blacks were avoiding the bus and using other ways of transportation. Because of Rosa 's courage and braveness the whole African American community was able to gain their civil rights in USA.

Now in 2016, a pretty similar case took place the day of today. A Saudi Arabian women is called The Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia. She is a pilot and she is married to a white man. Saudi Arbia women should not look like this, according

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