Civil Rights Vs Civil Liberties Essay

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1 Cristina Castaneda Professor Sharifian GOVT 2305 11 February 2018 Civil Rights versus Civil Liberties Civil rights and Civil liberties are well known for the type of impact they have had on our government. Civil liberties are specific rights, that are protected from the government. Civil rights are equal protection under the laws. The courts have ruled on civil rights as equal rights for all citizens no matter where you come from, or who you are. With civil liberties certain amendments grant citizens certain rights also referred to as the Bill of Rights. 2 GPS surveillance on a vehicle without their knowledge, a search warrant is required. An article by Andy Hagerman states, “. the attachment of the GPS device to the undercarriage of Jones’…show more content…
Some laws do grant access to stops such as this one. 6 An article describes it as, “Under the Supreme Court 's Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, these purchasing strategies should meet the reasonable suspicion threshold to justify an investigatory stop” (Goetz 1585). In a article there were people who have been in situations were they feel their rights had been violated by the police. In the article a person states, “They’re out here, basically, going around sexually harassing people. They’re doing what they want,” said Singleton, who filed a complaint after repeated underwear searches” (Harriot). Police act to do random searches without a warrant, or permission to do so.
When it comes to civil liberties and civil rights many people have different views of both. Whatever the person believes these mean, bottom line is there are there to protect the citizens of America. They are there to protect them from certain actions the government may take against them in the court of law. An overlook on these is that some may find them different, but they are basically the same thing in the since of protecting the
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