Civil Rights Vs. Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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1 Cristina Castaneda Professor Sharifian GOVT 2305 11 February 2018 Civil Rights versus Civil Liberties Civil rights and Civil liberties are well known for the type of impact they have had on our government. Civil liberties are specific rights, that are protected from the government. Civil rights are equal protection under the laws. The courts have ruled on civil rights as equal rights for all citizens no matter where you come from, or who you are. With civil liberties certain amendments grant citizens certain rights also referred to as the Bill of Rights. 2 GPS surveillance on a vehicle without their knowledge, a search warrant is required. An article by Andy Hagerman states, “. the attachment of the GPS device to the undercarriage of Jones’ car was a physical trespass of his constitutional effect for the purposes of gaining information,45 the Court was not forced to inquire as to whether he held a reasonable expectation of privacy under Katz. ” (207). The police officers failed to get a search warrant, they simply placed a GPS device on the vehicle. In court they did not find the evidence worthy in the case. There is no right for a police officer to obtain surveillance without a person’s content.
3 For DUI checkpoints there is no search warrant required. A Journal states, “During this period, there was one DUI checkpoint conducted near the experimental campus. This checkpoint was operated by the local city police and was not part of the present project. There were no DUI
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