Civil War Advancement

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Weaponry Advancement: The Civil War marked the beginning of an era that transitioned into the Industrial world. Earlier wars were fought in close quarters with unreliable weaponry, and insufficient materials that jeopardized the well-being of both sides of the battlefield. At the start of the Civil War, it was clear that both sides of the Army needed a change in weapon tactics; both the Union and Confederate Armies lacked weaponry that would distinguish themselves with more power over one another. Though, as the Civil War progressed in America, soldiers were introduced to new innovations and advancements of technology that took the war to a new level. Smoothbore muskets were the base of all Civil War battles. While their accuracy was distorted…show more content…
Although, not all of these fatalities were from seized from enemy fire; nearly two-thirds of the total deaths were caused by diseases that struck those who were fighting. The idea that caused so many deaths was due to the spreading of germs. Surgeons would operate on open wounds and though many were to be treated, infections were persistent during the war and would slowly kill the soldiers whom it affected. Because of the death toll from the spreading of germs and infections, the Union states in the North began transporting wounded soldiers to nearby hospitals for medical care. Soon after officials realized the medical system needed to be revamped, the ambulance corps was put in place. The Ambulance corps was established to sort soldiers in regards to the severity of their injuries, and from there, the wounded soldiers would be transported to hospitals or remain where they were based on their injuries. This corporation played a major role in deciding which soldiers were likely to recover, and for the soldiers who were unlikely to make it, the corporation would make them as comfortable as possible and keep them in field stations away from the…show more content…
Twenty years prior to the war, the first form of anesthesia was used on a patient in order to remove a tumor from their neck. The use of anesthetics was scarce, only until its use skyrocketed during the course of the Civil War. Anesthesia brought new opportunities for medical workers to use on their wounded patients. The Union and Confederate armies both benefited dramatically from the introduction of chloroform: it was non-flammable and allowed surgeons to perform various procedures on soldiers by reducing pain quickly, and
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