Civil War Advantages

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1. Assess the advantages of the North and those of the South at the beginning of the Civil War. How did the advantages of each side change over the course of the war? Both the North and the South had those own advantages throughout the war. For example, the North had a larger population and an industrialized society. On the other hand, the South had better generals, the advantage of knowing the fighting terrain, and only needed to fight defensively. All of these advantages played a major role in the eventual outcome of the war. Likewise, the North’s railroad system and industry gave them better equipment and transportation. The population of the North stayed larger than the South’s throughout the war. The South lacked a strong industry,…show more content…
The Northern government however seemed to be more unified and was able to accomplish more. The fact that the North also had a stronger leader helped them to eventually win the war. 3. How did the war affect the lives of women in the North and South? The war had a massive impact on the roles and lives of women in both the North and the South. With majority of the male population fighting, women had to fill certain roles in society. For example, many women in the South had to take over large plantations and learn how to run and operate them. Some women were even put in charge of large groups of slaves that that had to watch over. Furthermore, many women, especially in the North, filled roles as teachers and office workers. Women from both the North and South also became nurses during the war. Their goal was to help those who were injured to have a faster recovery from their injuries. Female nurses did also perform tasks such as cooking food and doing the laundry. In my opinion, the role of women greatly increased when the Civil War broke out. Women became key members of society and filled many major and important roles. Women nurses were also key factors in reducing the amount of deaths that took place during the
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