Cause Of Civil War Essay

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The Main Causes of the Civil War Instead of saying that the American Civil War was a political contest, it was the result of the economic conflict between the South and North. In other words, the civil war was a war between the North and the South in order to protect their own interests. As we know, In the North, the main economic system was capitalist economy , while the South was mainly the plantation economy. with the development of industry, the North needed more and more worker. But slavery in the South restricted the labor force in the South, and there was little free labor force. The North wanted to abolish slavery in order to get more free labor force which could promote the development of industry, while the Southern plantation economy…show more content…
At that time, Lincoln became the president of United States, he wanted to solved the contradiction and and maintained the unification of United States. At the sane time, a conspiracy instigated that led to the US Civil War started in Europe, and the banker became the main character. French banker Solomon Rothschild collected a lot of information from the United States through contact with the important characters of United States. He provided a large amount of money to the South during the Civil War. In addition, Jewish banker August Belmont, supported Lincoln in terms of finance. August Belmont (December 8, 1813 – November 24, 1890) was German -American politician, financier, foreign diplomat, and party chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1850s. He was a financial genius, experienced, and proficient in German, English, Italian and French, he represented Britain and Frankfurt 's Child bank statement that helped the North in financial. In the early days of the American Civil War, the North defeated again and again, which caused the United States owed a lot of debt, of course, this is the plot of the bankers that got a windfall in the war. All in all, there were two main reasons of the
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