Civil War Causes Essay

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In my point of view there are 6 causes of the American Civil War. Two of them are primary causes, other 3 are immediate causes and the last one is theblasting fuse. The slavery history of the South Slavery has been in the south since the time of the Jamestown Colony. The number of black slaves in America had increased in a incredible speed, from about 700,000 people in 1790 to about 4 million in 1860. Almost 90% of them lived in the South. In the 17th century and the early 18th century, some colonie started to use slavery to force slaves to work while black slaves and “poor white ” servants were treated on a same criterion. However, after the American Revolution, slavery had become a specific and well developed institution in the south while…show more content…
They may not directly lead to The Civil War. But it’s clear that anyway they would cause a war between the North and the South early or late. Following are immediate causes of the Civil War. Based on previous conflicts, many events happended in decades before the War. The most famous one is the great debate and the 1850 compromise. In January, 1850, Henry Clay put out 8 advices to deal with the argue whether California and New Maxico should join United State as free states or slave states. Then came a debate between Henry Clauy and John Calhorn. This debate had lasted months and finally Clay won the debate, thus his 8 advices became the famous 1850 compromise. Then in the election of 1852, the success achieved by Abraham Lincoln, a republican from the north, who was a supporter of the abolishment of slavery, became the directlt and immediate cause of the American Civil War. It was the first time in the history of the country that the president was elected by regional voting, which means that the United State was on the way to seperation. President Lincoln standed in a clear position that supported the abolishment of slavery thus cause the unsatisfiction of people in the
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