Civil War Causes

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In my point of view there are 6 causes of the American Civil War. Two of them are primary causes, other 3 are immediate causes and the last one is theblasting fuse. The slavery history of the South Slavery has been in the south since the time of the Jamestown Colony. The number of black slaves in America had increased in a incredible speed, from about 700,000 people in 1790 to about 4 million in 1860. Almost 90% of them lived in the South. In the 17th century and the early 18th century, some colonie started to use slavery to force slaves to work while black slaves and “poor white ” servants were treated on a same criterion. However, after the American Revolution, slavery had become a specific and well developed institution in the south while it openly againsted the principle of civil liberty, which is one of the fundermental thoerys of the Declaration of Indipendence, the base of the United State. Till the first half of the 19th century, slavery had become a important and inevitable power in building American history. However, it’s not indistructible nor necessary. Since slavery was a tradition and benificial institution for slaveholders, they wouldn’t easily give up their right to hold slaves, which is asked to do by people in the North. Thus this tradition became one of the primary causes of American Civil War. Several Different creeds appeared before the American Civil War, Sectionalism, Protectionism, and the idea of state rights. These creeds developed through
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