Civil War Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast The American Civil war and War world two might have been separate wars but they were similar in many ways. Though they were separated by many years both wars had new technological advances, new weapons and new stargetys. Besides these similaraties both wars had many differences such as the reason the wars had started, who the wars were being fought against and the number of causalties that took place. These wars in many ways were separate but equal and is very easy to compare and contrast them.
The American Civil war started in the year 1861 because of the firing on fort sumter where the south forced the north to surrender the fort. “The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave
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The civil war was fought on American between American armies where as world war two was a global war. World war two consisted of many countrys. It was the allies which were US, UK, and Soviet union and the axis powers Germany, Italy, japan. The different types of adavcnemnts the weapons had were different as well. Soldiers were more prone to die with the tanks, ships, planes, and machine guns then they were to die from cannons and muskets. The civil war did have the advantage when it came to soldiers dying from infections. This is another reason they are different. Medical technology was more advanced during world war two then it was during the civil war. So the total number of deaths from infection for the civil war is going to be way higher then world war two. The last difference is the total number of causlaties for both civualin and soldiers. The civil war and world war two both had high numbers of civilian and soldier deaths but world war two tops the civil war in death. During world war two the total number of deaths reached all the way up in the millions for both civilian and solider death where as the civil war was only in the hundred thousands for soliders and even lower for civilian
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