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The Civil war was fought in the United States of America between the Northern and Southern states starting from 1861 ending in 1865. The civil war was the most significant time in the history of America. The civil war was to be thought of shaping the American individual. The northerner’s view of this war was a revolutionary war. The southerner’s view of this war was a rebellion. This war did start with the many differences between the northern and southern states. Between these two regions laid economic, social and political differences, but slavery was the main root of the differences. The war ended and ended slavery in the country and it also made multiple social and economic changes. Race relation and slave confusions were tearing up the…show more content…
The North had already vanished slavery, but it was still present in the south. This is how slavery lead to the war. The concepts of the Constitution the union were based on the principles of freedom and liberty that all mean were created equal. The American revolutionaries had fought for independence, they had forgotten to think about the slaves in the south. While the American were cheering about their independence it sent a cruel message to the slaves. People thought that if men were equal then did the founding father mean to say that slaves were not men like white Americans? This question can be very arguable and it the most important cause of slave uprising. Slavery was inconsistent in the constitution and it was allowed by the founding father because they wanted to preserve the union at all costs. People have to understand that it is impossible for a country to operate with any conflicting values. This was clear when the Civil War broke out. The revolutionaries completely ignored the members of the black community. This may be one reason hat historians believe that revolutionaries were pro-slavery. This is a very harsh accusation against anyone who are remembered so fondly by America today. Slavery is the primary cause and it has a long-complicated history. The slave hatred intensified after the revolution of 1776 when the Americans gained independence from the British. When the constitution…show more content…
Southern states depended more on agriculture rather than industrialization. Most commonly used by slaves was the cotton gin. The cotton gin increased the need for slaves and cotton became the chef crop of the south. The south produced 7/8 of the world’s cotton supply. Which then lead to the south increase on dependence on the planation system. While the south was prospering in agriculture the north was prospering in industrialization. The northerner’s feared that the south’s slave-based economy might affect their economy. The north was very dependent on factories and industrialized businesses. Most immigrants had settles in the north than the south which allowed the north to grow their industries. While the north was doing this is made the south very hostile towards them. Southern states then started to oppose manufacturing because manufacturing was limited. The northern states went with high taxes to protect their products from cheap foreign competition. As a result of the south opposing high taxes the south preferred not the accept most improvements that were offered by the federal government. These improvements included Roads and canals in order to keep the taxes

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