Civil War Dbq Essay

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The Civil War was an American blood shed. Tens of thousands of soldiers died each day… ALONE! The Civil War started in 1861.The U.S had even amount of slave and free states and then a guy named John Brown “invaded” the South. Abraham Lincoln then got elected president in 1860. Then there was the main moment… the Civil War broke out about slavery in 1861. Texas fought in the Civil War to protect state’s rights, love of Texas(sectionalism), and to keep slavery. Texas fought in the Civil War to protect state’s rights. It states, “...the true theory of our (national) government as an association of sovereignties (independent states), and not a blended mass of people in one social compact (Document C.) State’s rights are the rights and powers that each state have that are not in the Constitution. This statement is saying that all the individual states thought that they were individual countries. Now, they suddenly are being told to do actions by the national government (United States). They were furious about this because they didn’t have the freedom that they had before and they made their own state’s rights. They wanted to have their own rights for their state.…show more content…
On November 23, 1862 the letter says, “...If the Yanks come, mabe you had better send the negros up in the mountains…”(Document D.) Sectionalism is the loyalty for one’s section or region rather than the country. For example, Texas was “selfish” because this state only cared about themselves. They always came before other states or even the country. Texans love Texas, another reason to
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