Civil War Dbq Essay

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In 1896 the Civil War is over, but there is still one problem going on after it (Source 1). The problem that is going on is called segregation, and it is what separates the whites and blacks. They experienced oppression and segregation still after prohibiting slavery (Source 1). With this happening they still did not do the African Americans right and two reasons why are, segregation made the treatment for them unfair and so, it broke the 14th Amendment. When the Civil War ended, segregation made it unfair for them even through everything they have went through before (Source 1). Even though slavery was over, there was still racial tensions across the country, highly, and African Americans continued experience oppression (Source 1). Oppression meaning being subjected to unfair treatment (Source 1). With this mind, African Americans were unfairly even though before they were used, bought and also sold before this.”The Supreme Court had given segregation a legal “okay” and many states took advantage of this” (Source 1). With this happening, it was very prevalent in the South. They made laws that segregated blacks and whites, this was known as Jim Crow Laws (Source 1). With …show more content…

Ferguson case the “train cars were separated but equal” so it was constitutional (Source 1). “Mandated segregation did not suggest that blacks were inferior to whites, because the whites-only train cars and the blacks-only train cars were of the same quality” (Source 1). With this in mind, it still did not make it constitutional because after this they made the Jim Crow Laws which took away away privileges from blacks. With them taking away privileges, they were “requiring literacy, history tests, backround checks, proof of land ownership, other complex processes to just vote” and this only happened to blacks (Source 1). No matter the argument back, it did not make it constitutional for them to do this to

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