Civil War Dbq Essay

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The two out four questions that I choose are to 1.) Discuss the causes of the civil war. Cite as many facts as possible to back up your analysis. And answer 2.) If the enduring vision of America is embodied in the Declaration of Independence's statements about equality and universal rights to justice, liberty, and self-fulfillment, how much progress toward those ideals had blacks and women made by 1877? Back up your evaluation with as many specific facts as possible about the status of blacks and women at the end of Reconstruction. It started in 1861. The causes of the civil war were as a result of the union and the confederate states disagreeing about ending slavery and distinguishing power over federal government states. After Congress…show more content…
About the progress the blacks and women made by 1877, they made exponential growth by that time and were always making growth even before then. By 1877 African Americans were able to vote, they were able to buy their own land. They were able to choose how they would use public transportation, choose their own employment. They could finally participate in political processes, they could live with whites in a non-slave society. The status of blacks at the end of the construction legally was that they were free and were to be treated as humans. Whites did not feel that was fair and believed that their justice system was against them because they ruled in favor of the African Americans. They still treated African Americans like they were beneath them. As for the progress that women made by 1877, people finally accepted the fact that women deserved the same amount of fair treatment as men. They were able to vote and hold office, they had rights to own her own business and earning. They simply could prevail if she no longer wanted to be married and she had a child she could fight for custody and have a chance to win. And they had finally been able to get a higher education. Now as for as how society felt about these rights that were granted to women, they felt like it wasn’t needed. Women are to this day fighting for these rights that they have
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