Civil War Dbq

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From 1840 to 1861 the Civil War was unavoidable and was fought due to many circumstances at the time. Two of the main circumstances that helped build up tension and eventually led up to the Civil War was a failure of leadership and extremism on both sides, known as the South and the North. In document 1, it says how it was the abolitionist fault for pushing these ideologies that slavery was wrong and that the abolitionist attempted to agitate and they did agitate the north to go against slavery. This document is an example of extremism because due to the abolitionist trying to abolish slavery and show that slavery was wrong it caused more conflict. Due to this conflict, there was more of a disconnect and that pushed the states apart which…show more content…
This document written by the government of South Carolina is justifying their succession from the Union. Their reasoning was that the northern states have denied the rights of property which were established in the United States Constitution. The government of South Carolina viewed Lincoln as a threat to slavery, this is evident when they said “ … All the states north of that line have united in the election of a man to the high office of President of the United States whose opinions and purposes are hostile to slavery.” (Doc 7). This also shows extremism as South Carolina did secede from the union, justifying it. This began to split the Union into two eventually leading to the Civil War. The intended audience is the Union as South Carolina was declaring secession from the Union. This also shows how there was a failure of leadership because the union did not know how to keep the states united and that resulted in the disconnect of the states and which did eventually lead up to the Civil…show more content…
There was another similar war that had some of the same conflicts as the states during the Civil War. That war was the Revolutionary War of the United States. Just like the Civil war it had many components, like the difference of opinion with the government and the citizens, extremist groups taking matters into their own hands, and unequal representation in the government. The Revolutionary war like how the citizens in the colonies did not like the acts and taxes placed on them, then they had extremist groups like the Sons of Liberty, and because they had little to no representation in parliament. And to show that these were things that lead up to a war, it is evident that if there were the same circumstances it may also lead up to war. And as we know it till this day, with those circumstances, we had another war and it was the Civil War. In the end, the Civil War was bound to happen. With acts of extremism, such as secession. Another factor was a failure of leadership, with the government divided over slavery. These circumstances would each eventually lead up to the Civil War, and this issue was never resolved until war happened, and even then it was a bloody war which cost about 600,000 American
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