Civil War Disaster Essay

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The Civil War was a disaster conducted by the American people. Between slavery and states rights, this very conflict was unavoidable. The issue of slavery was the largest conflict between the North and South. The South was upset with how the government up north was being run. These conflicts eventually led to secession, and the Civil War began. Slavery was a very big thing in the south. This meant money for the south also, which means that the no one else was getting the same in come from the slaves. The south felt that the north was almost an enemy at the time, a different nation. The north also felt like this and treated them like a foreign country. The north was a strong no slave area, and felt this was unlawful, and inhumane. They…show more content…
This is when the north and south knew something had to change. And even if there wouldn’t be any more slaves, something was sure to change forever. Various different things led to the Civil War. The problem with slave trade wasn’t the only thing that ignited the Civil War into happening. But, the slave trade did make a black mark on American history. The war will always leave blood on American soil. The slaves were mainly used to do labor that would have made the white men work, but with slaves they did it for them. Easy life right? NO, this meant beating, whipping and separating family’s constantly. Some slaves even were on the pro slavery side! They were on the Confederate side because they were treated well. While most were treated like trash, some very rarely were treated like family. A slave who took care of a child thought of the child like it’s their own. The slaves believed that if this changed they would be treated like the rest of the slaves. Their even was contracts that the slaves were tricked into signing once the war was over that basically made them slaves all over again. Most “free” African Americans couldn’t read nor write. This was even against the law to give them education. This meant that this was perfect for the slave owners to devise a plan and trick them into being a “worker” which basically was a slave, little to no pay, treated badly
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