Civil War Effects On African Americans

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In this paper, I will be writing about how the Civil War affected three groups of people: African Americans, Soldiers, and Medical Staff. These people were affected a lot by the war because some either died, were enslaved, fought in the war, or took care of soldiers. The first group of people are African Americans. Africans were affected a lot because most of them were slaves. They were also discriminated against because of their race. Life was hard for slaves because they constantly had to work and do the hardest jobs such as picking cotton. It was also hard because if slaves disrespected their masters they would be whipped or beaten. Life was also hard for Africans that were not enslaved, because before Fugitive Slave Law, if a slave catcher in the North didn’t like a slave or wanted money they could go to the slave, take…show more content…
Soldiers probably had and were impacted the most by the Civil War. This is because soldiers were on the front lines during the Civil War. Many soldiers and during the Civil War. Just to show the brutality of the war, 23,000 soldiers were killed during the Battle of Antietam. Lots of soldiers endured marching hundreds of miles of battle sites. Soldiers had to endure the pain of amputation with no pain medication. Ironically, the last sentence leads into my next topic. My next topic is Medical Staff who definitely affected and were affected by the war. Surgeons were needed to save thousands of wounded soldiers. Medical Staff had a very hard job. Surgeons had to amputate thousands of patients limbs. Medical Staff also had to comfort soldiers before they died. In conclusion, all three of these groups of people affected and were affected by the war. Without all of these groups the Civil War would be drastically different. First of all, the Civil War wouldn’t have happened without African Americans. Also, soldiers fought the war which is important. Medical Staff helped the soldiers which is also
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