How Did The Civil War Affect Society

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The Civil War had a huge effect on the nation, including its people. To gain freedom and equality for the nation, the soldiers went to fight, and that battle is known as the Civil War. The Civil War changed the history of the nation’s beliefs about equality and freedom for all, and this war was the solution for that. Not to mention, slavery was also one of the main points as to why we had the Civil War. The Civil War changed the nations beliefs about equality and freedom for everyone. The white culture will be upset about this situation in a while (paragraph 1, Ain’t I A Woman). While everyone wanted equal rights, some white people didn’t want slavery to end. This changed the nations views about equality because if one person is affected the whole nation…show more content…
“We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who gave their lives that nation might live” (paragraph 2, Gettysburg Address). Lincoln explains it all by saying that the soldiers who gave their lives during the war should get a special place dedicated to them. He gave them a cemetery dedicated to those fallen soldiers who have fought. Since Lincoln dedicated a place for the soldiers, he believes that they should get that type of recognition for their brave service since they did a huge task for the nation by risking their lives. The strong men, alive and no longer living, who had a hard time here, have officially made it, higher than our weak strength to attract or let go (paragraph 3). The brave men who fought in the war did have a hard time trying to stay motivated, but they did stay strong and committed to their task. Given that, Lincoln had honored the soldiers who gave their lives during the war, and he also made sure they didn’t die in vain. Given that, Abraham gave the soldiers a designated place for them to rest for their
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