Civil War Fighting Style

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To make an assumption that either style of fighting is more superior, even knowing them, is going to be highly opinionated. The truth is that either style could win you a battle if other standards are met. Certain factors include, the morale of the troops, how well your men respect your leadership, and what enemy you’re facing, and the list goes on and on. The Union’s style of fighting derived mainly from the Anglo-Saxon style of fighting. Their way of fighting included exchanging missile attacks, in that era gunfire, while advancing in a shield wall, now in that era, they did not use shields, thus they just advanced or stood still in a strait line. Another formation also part of the style, though not seen frequently was the wedge. It consisted of men positioned in a way that it was narrower at the front and wider at the back.…show more content…
Their fighting style consisted mainly of full frontal charges. While this tactic would from time to time be affected at first, it would not help against a shield wall, in that era, it would be a line of soldiers, not as effective but can still hold the line. Then you have the factor of the charge failing from, either the loss of morale from your men or it was just a plain awful charge. Another fighting style used by the Celts was guerilla warfare, where you ambushed the enemy from all sides the left the area to perform it

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