Civil War Gender Roles Essay

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Immediately following the Civil War, America began on the move to rebuild a nation where advance technologies are being invented as more citizens are giving more opportunities in their life choices. As the reconstruction of America shifted onto different approaches, there were significant changes in the perspectives of how certain ideas come into play. One such idea is the roles of genders and how each sex should play in society. Before the Civil War, males and females have specific duties that were designated for their gender. Males have the role of being “in charge” of the household because they provided the money, shelter, food, etc for the family, while the women was responsible for the housework and taking care of the children. In her…show more content…
Not just women, but men as well. I believe that each individual should have a life story to tell that is unique and different from someone else’s. Each story should be full of personal growth, creativity, and inspirations experiences that shaped the individual 's thinking process, life approaches, and how one interpreted the world. On a personal level, I never got the chance to actually experience what it means to be on my own until when I started my undergraduate education. Although I always dependent on myself in middle and high school on my academic, I still had my family with me in the same house or within my reach whenever I wanted to have someone close to me. Because of my decision to attend an university that is away from home, I can actually say what homesick actually feel like but also understand what it means to be responsible for oneself. As a student, there are times when stress kicks in hard but I know that I can only count myself to go through these inner challenges and motivate myself to success. Just like how Charlotte saw the potentials in women’s abilities, I believed that I can get through these next few years to received my undergraduate degree while gaining life knowledge and skills throughout the journey. Currently, I have one main job and that
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