Civil War In Liberia

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This television documentary covers one of the deadliest civil wars in the Sub-Saharan Africa in a country called Liberia. During this civil war, almost nearly the entire country war turned apart and many children including women and innocent citizens displaced and some became refugees in neighboring countries. The mastermind behind this civil war and crimes against humanity was the Liberian war lord Charles Taylor whose brutal regime, greed and hunger for, gold, diamond, power made him so wicked and evil that he was ready to kill as many Liberians as he can in order to hang on to power. The civil war hit the magnitude that interfaith union and prayers by mostly Christian and Muslim worshippers plus human rights activists mostly women cried…show more content…
The depiction of refugee camps, the crying babies, the hunger, the food shortage, the massive number of amputees and their quest for an immediate emancipation from a senseless war perpetrated by nothing but greed and love for power was heart breaking. The documentary further made it positive that in the midst of uncertainty, religious discrimination and differences is nothing to worry about especially when interfaith gathering begins and Liberians where ready to let go off their religious differences and all looking up to a more perfect nation that spares no Muslim or Christian as one of the lady mentioned on the documentary that “when the bullet is fired, it does not search for the direction of a Christian or a Muslim but an innocent Liberian.” Some of those quotations put hearts together and sent a signal that Liberians can only come together and be opposed to the bloody war that was going on without compromising their dedication to their various faith. The same spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood boiled by common cry for peace, love and end to the war galvanized the entire religious people into one group and was determine to occupied streets in order to be…show more content…
Taylor was also at the same time accused of playing some roles in the Sierra Leonean Civil war that also almost handicapped that country, as crimes against humanity coupled with the aftermath of bloody civil war, the international pressure on his regime made Charles Taylor lost most of Liberia and he lost the confidence to rule and was eventually indicted by the government of Sierra Leone and since his popularity was sinking down, he was left with no option but to resign and was exiled in Nigeria and then was later sentenced to fifty years in Jail for crimes against

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