Civil War Losers

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The American Civil war was fundamentally fought over the emancipation of the slaves, thus when the war ended the Southerners became the losers of the war. However when President Johnson was left to reconstruct his country after Lincoln’s assassination, the Southern white men prevailed the winners as they were brought back into a society that treated them as the superior. For the North the civil war was a fight to keep together a country that had been rapidly falling apart, while for the south, the civil war was a fight for their lifestyle. Thus the Southerners had more on the line with this fight, and as a result they had more to loose. The southerners lost their homes, their economy, their lifestyle, their slaves, money, and the Union’s…show more content…
President Johnson’s plan for reconstruction was lenient to the Southerners as he admitted the southern states back into the union. The only losers in this case were the former slave owners, as Johnson punished them by taking away their land. This plan outraged the republicans in congress as the republicans planned to admit sates back into the union on account that fifty percent of the state needed to pledge loyalty to the union with the Wade-Davis Bill. The republicans also made it clear that states would not be admitted back into the union unless the former slaves were treated equally. Since Johnson was a Democrat, he ignored his republican congress and enacted his lenient plan. Although Johnson’s plan allowed the South join the union fairly faster than the Wade-Davis Bill, the republicans still had great power and presence against the southern democrats. The republican’s had obtained such a large portion of congress that the republicans would have impeached president Johnson. However that power became short lived, as the Southern democrats were able to regain power in event of the compromise of 1868. With the compromise the Republicans won the presidential election, but the southern democrats were finally able to regain their power in the state governments and drown out the southern republicans. Thus the Southern white men prevailed the winners of reconstruction,
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