Civil War Memorial Research Paper

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During the Civil War slavery was still on going and a lot people will disagree with the statement that it was the reason for the Civil War. This Monument highlights the work of the cavalry, infantry and naval forces who fought in the Civil War. It also surrounded by statues of General Robert E. Lee, General Albert Johnson, General Stonewell Jackson and also Confederate President Jefferson Davis. One of the significant men in this monument is General Robert E. Lee they put him on a high pedestal even though he was a slave owner. According to Slavery in Arlington “Robert E. Lee—the executor of the estate—determined that the slave labor was necessary to improve Arlington's financial status.” Why would a 60ft monument want to glorify a slave owner? But by someone observing the monument they would not know that a slave owner is being glamorized.…show more content…
On the monument the creators of it use the terms “Deathless devotion” and “Genius and valor of Confederate”. But do not use the terms like “Slave owners” or “Preservation of an immoral act”. They keep developing these monuments around Southern American that portrays false images of the Civil War, also by giving the people who fought in it a god like status. In the Confederate War Memorial, located on the front of the plaque has a description of “The brazen lips of Southern cannon thundered an unanswered anthem to the God of Battle”. This quote shows the actions as morally correct and somewhat God like. When were the captivations of human beings a God like act? Even though the people who participated in the Civil War claim to be Christian and obey the Ten Commandments still owned slaves. “In America before the Civil War, the majority of evangelical Christians were totally convinced that "their personal relationship with Jesus Christ" authorized them to own slaves” (Christianity and slavery, 2) When was it stated in the Bible that it’s not a sin to be a slave
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