Civil War Photography Essay

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The first “partially successful” camera made an image in 1816. This great development influenced the types of cameras made, photojournalism, and the photos taken in the North, and South, during the beginning of the Civil War, through the 20th century. Photography is a skill that consists of staging, and using the process of daguerreotype. This digital/photography era progressed the introduction to the 21st century. The progression through the 19th and 20th centuries allowed for the progress and development of many different cameras, and types of photography. The process to take a photo was hard, but to take a photo on a battlefield during the Civil War was even harder. Cameras in the Pre-Civil War Era, to the Civil War Era were bulky, and…show more content…
The photographs taken by Northern and Southern photographers helped to initiate and improve the evolution of cameras. Also the photographs taken help improve historical analysis of the events that took place, and the people that were involved. The photography that took place is genuinely important to the evolution of the United States, as now we have an idea of the war tactics that did and didn’t work, and we have an idea of how different people can come together in the end, to defend a common goal/interest. The evolution of photography and cameras is during the 19th and 20th century is because of the Digital Age and the Civil War era. The evolution of cameras such as the Kodak made by Eastman helped to influence photojournalism and how Southern and Northern photographers took their photographs, and made their images. Documentary photography, and staged photography make up the digital age of photography. These different kinds of cameras, images, and processes helped to influence the evolution of the cameras we have today, and the way we look at the Civil War era, and how it impacted the United States war
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