Civil War Social Factors

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The Civil War is definitely the bloodiest battle fought in the history of America. As a result the war ended and halted many years of slavery in the country, and it also made a great deal of many political and social changes. Although slavery was the major cause, so to speak, it was definitely not the only cause of the Civil War.
The causes of the war were several sequences of events, including slavery that was started long before the first shot was ever fired. In particular the attribute of freedom, competing for nationalism, the fate of slavery, the preservation of the Union and the structure of our society and economy at some point could all be listed as important factors in America's fierce and ferocious conflict.
It is essential to know that while slavery was the major cause, it was also the factors like politics and the economy that also contributed towards the war. Apart from some physical factors, there were some hidden psychological and social factors to that
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Furthermore, we must understand here that the Confederation was created with 13 colonies coming together and forming central government. But it was believed that all of the 13 colonies would get equal representation in the Congress and all these states were also seeking self-government so they could at least take decisions regarding their internal matters. Regardless, both of these things became impossible. While the states were granted some rights, it was declared in the Constitution that the central government would be allowed to interfere in all important matters and its authority would not be questioned. Such articles in the constitution naturally gave immense powers to the central government, which created a rift between the states and the government. States were granted limited powers later to help them retain some control over their internal
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