Civil War: The Deadliest Conflict In American History

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Their progressive view in the academic circles at once dominant position broadly speaking, the civil war was the deadliest conflict in American history. However, our traditional measure of the impact of War (casualties of war) is not sufficient to reflect the losses caused by the war. The first is the environmental disaster, which continues for a long time after the fighting subsides. Even say, never die. All wars bring disaster to the environment. The army destroyed farms and livestock, they like termites through the forest, dirty water, the spread of the disease, with heavy weapons and shelling of rural left behind many unexploded shells, they use chemical poisons, the poison will continue for a long time, they left the garbage and broken walls.…show more content…
It 's a terrible record. The war may begin with some hesitation, but soon it all erupts, and in some cases it is not only a war against hostile forces, but also a war against civilians and the countryside. William T, general Sherman made a very famous explanation, he said, he just wants to let the south people feel "the cruel war" in 1864, November and December, he headed into the sea, leaving devastated. In his letter to his wife, he said, "we have devoured the

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