Civil War: The Pros And Cons Of The Confederacy

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We all heard about the Civil War. Did you think that the Confederacy was very strong, or maybe that their economy was good? The South was very tough and ingenious! This is an interesting fact because Confederate troops were frequently poorly fed and often suffered from a lack of clothes and shoes. Some citizens from states outside the South who saw Confederate troops in their area commented on how surprised they were to see that many of those troops wore ragged uniforms and had no shoes. The soldiers knew their own land very well. They knew their land better than anyone else. If other strangers fought on the South’s land, then that’s going to be a problem for them because they don’t know it well. If they knew the land very well, they would…show more content…
Their military/population was very small. This is bad, because if other countries are into war with the Confederacy and they have a larger military than them, they might be able to overpower the soldiers. But like before, the have strong military generals and a strong will to fight. Another disadvantage about the Confederacy was that they had a large amount of land to defend if people attack them. There could be many homes and buildings that the people would have to defend from attacks. There was no way the South could protect all of that, especially if they had a small population. But with the large land, attackers can’t kill every single one of the Confederate soldiers, they might get lost. There was no way the South could protect all of that, especially if they had a small population. The South even count too much on other countries like France to give them what they need. The Confederacy relied very heavily on those foreign countries for supplies, ammo, and food. The ports that they used to trade with those countries could easily be blocked by attackers. Aside of that, more than 1/3rd of the population in their states were enslaved. Because of this, they had fewer people that could be soldiers. That 1/3rd, however, were used to farm and harvest crops. Lastly, the Confederate States had a lot of forests, and I mean a lot. With all of those trees, they could barely build any railroads needed
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