Civil War Vs Confederate Essay

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The Confederacy was like a fire. The north tried to smother it, but there was still a flame left. At that point all you could do was wait for it to burn out. The Civil war brought about a lot of hate and sectionalism between the North and South. Even after the war the flame of the Confederacy still burned. The US government tried to suppress all this hate and start the reconstruction of the United States. There were many things that added to the fire such as the newly freed slaves, the political parties, and the Ku Klucks Klan. After the war ended tons of former United States slaves were freed and it was a complex situation. The slaves were just put in a world they have not been prepared for. Their whole lives were built around dedicating their life for free labor. Now they are free and must find labor, and get paid for it. No one wants to hire a Black man or woman. Then there were these things called the Black Codes that were created, they took away many of the slaves rights. These were created to ease the slaves back into society, but it’s not freedom. You can not promise freedom and give them half of a free life. It…show more content…
At the wars end the two sides still had their political differences. It was one of the man reasons the war was started. The two main political parties were the Democrats and the Republicans. The north was mainly Republican, but the south was Democrat. These two parties feuded in the south. The few Republicans in the south were marginalized from society and were beaten up by the Democratic southerners. The majority opinion in the south was to still keep they’re old traditions and southern culture. The Southern Republicans represented the men who wanted change from this point of view. These men were tortured daily and the government didn’t do much about it. The South really kept building on to that fire by striking fear in anyone that might not agree with the southern
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