Civil War Vs Slavery

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Slavery has been around since the beginning of the first civilization when humans first discovered farming, dating back to the 18th century B.C. known as Hammurabi 's code: giving permission to legally own another. In the bible, the holy book of the second largest religion on this planet, it states that "Female Hebrews could be sold by their fathers and enslaved for life" (Exodus 21:7-11). The bible also has many statements regarding how to treat slaves and who can be a slave and based on who they are, it determines how long they can be kept a slave. Now as the human race moves forward through the timelines, most people believe America broke out in a civil war over slavery being justifiable or corrupt, and that when the south seceded; they flew…show more content…
There were three national flags the Confederacy used during the civil war: the "stars and bars" flag was three horizontal stripes, two red, with one white, with a a a blue box containing thirteen stars. The second national flag was all white with a small horizontal rebel battle flag in the upper left corner; this flag was eventually changed for its similarity to a flag of surrender. The third and final flag was the same as the second but with a thick red line covering the right vertical border. The Confederate flag is misinterpreted to the point, where people wouldn 't even recognize the actual symbol if it was flying in front…show more content…
Slavery was an ugly terrible thing, but it does not intertwine itself with the Confederate Flag. At the time it was a cheap division of labor that was widely accepted throughout the world. It was a business without a code of conduct, there were black people in America who owned slaves too! Many people think that it was only African Americans that were enslaved in the United States, although they were the major slave population; there were also many white slaves from Ireland and Muslim Africans. The first slave owner in America was named Anthony Johnson, he was African American and owned African American slaves, he did it because it was a cheap labor force, not to be racist to his own people. Racism is everywhere, to say the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism is like saying the American flag is a symbol of racism, due to its 85 years it flew above a slave nation; but we see it as a different meaning, a symbol of freedom. We would not like the American Flag to be judged as a symbol of racism, but yet we are being hypocritical: and doing what we would not like done to ourselves towards the
Confederate Flag. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of state rights and heritage for the family bloodlines that gave there life defending the southern states, not a symbol of racism. People are racist to one another, we say terrible things to each other every day, but then some choose to blame a symbol for other people 's actions; a symbol which lacks the ability to
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