Civility And Savagery In Lord Of The Flies And The Hunger Games

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Imagine the sight of an open blue sky, trees growing, and warm dry grass moving briskly by the air. And, in front of this scene, there is a wonderful endless pit, stained by blood and some partial limbs. The whole world has just decided to jump off a cliff, because why not escape the dark gripping fears that life holds? Society has darred and pushed each other off to this dark encasing hole. Sure it will hurt, but only for a little bit, right? Then it can all be over, done, and finished. But, common sense says that this can obviously cause bodily, permanent, and brutal harm. Thus, jumping is not wise. Likewise to the Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games, this portrays the dark side humans can have, yet at the same time displays the sanity of those fighting against this mentioned “beast”. Therefore, the common theme portrayed the two stories is that despite this beast, some humans will keep their instincts intact as they fight for survival. As the ideas conveyed in these book coincide with each other, so do the characters Ralph and Katniss, Jack and the Capitol, and the civility and savagery maintained in society, in which Ralph and Katniss skulkingly keep a “rebellion”, Jack and the Capitol are this savagery, and civility and savagery are what’s being fought for in this situation. One of the first key aspects of this theme are the character traits and actions of Ralph and Katniss. To begin, Ralph in the Lord of the Flies is depicted to be responsible, but not like an
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