How Did Colonialism Civilized The Colonizer

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Topic: Did colonization civilized the colonizer?
My heart bleeds like the blood that stream from the clashes of swords and matches triggered by hungry and power seeking colonizers. The sounds of guns that blasted the skull and brain of millions of people reecho in my dreams every night. My mind ceases to function when I think of the number of souls of South Africans that evaporated into the heaven centuries ago. The gasping of humans for oxygen like horses over used by their owners. What an irony to call this civilization brought to the colonized. The biggest question is “did colonialism really civilized”, a question posted by Césaire (1955) in his article titled Discourse on Colonialism. This question will be answered using the experience
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In these wars, the killed and ceased millions. The blood of the energetic men painted the country red and their souls dashed into thin air. The productive labor force was all gone over night leaving only the vulnerable in the society who could not produce enough to feed themselves. The natives were then turned into slaves. Their faith now in the hands of the Europeans who treated them as though they were animal; their human value was lost, Just like horses and donkeys, the crack of whips on the smooth and soft skins was their daily music. Their freedom of association was impaired. They could no longer give rise to their offspring. As slaves, they could only move to towns with “passes”. Moving with pass in your own land? The Europeans dehumanize South Africans to the extent that they used them as collateral to secure loans. Even today, slavery still exist in South Africa where human rights laws are violated. The white still kill in the name of self-defense. Slavery, dehumanization and killing of people is no near civilization or do not civilized people I say. They product is brutality brought to South
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