Short Essay On Harappan Civilization

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~ A chance to advance ~ The Indus Valley civilization was a culture that developed in the bronze-age during 3300-1300 BC. Primarily located in the north western area between Indus basin and Punjab, this largest civilization extended over a region of 1 million km2. Considered to be one of the premature cultures alongside Mesopotamia and Egypt, Indus Civilization flourished with a population of 5 million. The main contributions of this society included metallurgy and handicraft. The cities were notably famous for their brick buildings, roadside drainage facility and multi-floored residences. The mature phase of Indus Valley civilization was termed as Harappan Civilization, as the first city to be discovered was located at Harappa. As said by Gordon Childe, it was symbol of revolution that initiated a progressive change in the economic structure and social organization. After
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J. H. MacKay. Majority of the archaeological findings were held by Pakistan where the Indus Valley Civilization developed.
The early Harappan, mature Harappan, and late Harappan timelines were known as the Regionalisation, Integration and Localisation eras, respectively. The Indus Valley Civilization surrounded most of Pakistan, ranging from Balochistan to Sindh and extending Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab, up to Rupar on Upper Sutlej. These geographical conditions of the Indus Valley were highly similar to those situations in Egypt and Peru, with rich agricultural lands being surrounded by highlands, desert and ocean. Other Indus Valley Civilization colonies were located in Afghanistan and some smaller isolated regions could be traced to Turkmenistan. Coastal settlements in Indus Valley sites were common on rivers, islands and seacoasts such as Balakot, Dholavira,
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