Civilization Vs Savagery Analysis

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Navneet Sidhu
English 11
January 20, 2018
Title: Civilization versus Savagery
In the novel “Lords of The Flies”, “William Golding”, extensively focuses on the theme civilization versus savagery thoroughly. On the island we can clearly see the quarrel taking place between Jack and Ralph, where Jack represents savagery while Ralph represents civilization through their actions. This results in affecting the boys to reach deeply into savagery. This distinctly shows us how the laws are the only thing keeping human beings from savagery. This novel is a record of civilization giving the way to savagery in human activities. Firstly, the novel tells us about the boys who are stuck on an island where there are no grown ups or adults, without
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Samneric said “They hate you, Ralph. They’re going to do you” (pg.209), and it will be dangerous “Roger sharpened the stick at both ends” (pg.211). Through this it can be seen clearly that Golding is trying to tell us that they are not being controlled by some law an order, which gives them the authority to do anything on the island and killing Ralph is one of them. “They were all running, all crying out madly… Bright thunder of the fire” (pg.222). This suggests savagery as the boys began to hunt for Ralph violently and they have been overruled by their civilized sides. From this we can tell that savagery has completely overruled them as Golding chooses the word “all running” and “crying out madly”. In Fact, when the navy officer came to rescue them, even the officer, he was shocked to hear that two of the boys are killed. The officer asked “Nobody killed, I hope? Any dead bodies? ‘Only two. And they’ve gone.’ the officer leaned down and looked closely at Ralph two? killed?” (pg.223). Through this Golding is trying to show us that laws are the only thing that keeps human beings from savagery. Civilization versus savagery played the role of the main theme in the novel “Lord of The Flies” by “William Golding”. When children had all the privileges, they forgot all the rules that were imposed on them or the manners
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