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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method facilitates learning both subject and language simultaneously in the language classroom. The paper focuses on the uniqueness of CLIL method in imparting reading skills to secondary level students. The samples were of two different schools from 9th standard classroom which consisted of 58 students from each school focusing on social science subject along with reading skills. The experimental study showed that students were able to learn various types of reading skills, vocabulary and pronunciation along with their subject matter.
Keywords: Content and language integrated learning (CLIL), Reading skills, vocabulary, Pronunciation, subject, secondary level students.
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Some of the terms used for CLIL are Bilingual education teaching, Bilingual subject teaching or Content based language teaching. CLIL focuses on 4C’s namely Content, Communication, Culture and Cognition. There are two driving force behind CLIL- Reactive (responding to situations) and Proactive (creating situations). Bruner (b 1915), Piaget (1896- 1980) and Vygotsky (1896) contributed their theories for the constructivist perspectives on learning. Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is an approach to teach the subject (content) in a foreign language or to teach a language using the content. Most of the schools are not aware of new emerging techniques in the learning system. The use of CLIL in the classroom will facilitate the learners to acquire both language skills and subject knowledge in a more comfortable way. CLIL was first introduced in French immersion education. CLIL is an approach that requires the use of a second language / foreign language to practice the content. There are many research studies on CLIL some of them are – a study was on the Indirect and Direct observation in the CLIL Classroom. Template was designed for both the observation. The Direct and indirect observation were…show more content…
The students can learn two things (i.e.) language skills and subject under one instructor. CLIL method enables the students to actively participate in the classroom activities. The method enabled the students to learn the subject content along with language skills in a stress free environment. CLIL method does make the student lose interest in the learning process since the students are fully engaged in content oriented learning where reading skills are induced without their knowledge. In the traditional classroom the case is not same as in the CLIL classroom, since in traditional classroom the teacher focuses on one particular thing either the subject or language but both does not take place in one classroom. The students lack interest and practical oriented learning is not found. The lack of communication is found between students and teacher in the learning process. CLIL teacher understand the need of the students and provides the required knowledge to the students for the betterment of learning. The content are more simplified by the instructor so that students can understand when she/he reads. Reading skills plays a major role in the receiving the content from the printed material. As the students get familiarized with the content learning process becomes easier and interesting. The study focused on implementing reading skills through CLIL methodology. The students were
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