Clack-Co Concierge Consulting: A Case Study

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Although there are more women practicing pharmacy than their male counterparts, pharmacy ownership is still mostly male-dominated. Owning a pharmacy is a difficult path, and only a few are brave enough to forge that path. One such woman is Dr. Jenna Clack, owner of Clack-Co Concierge Consulting. Dr. Clack started her business in Midland, TX after graduating from University of the Incarnate Word’s Feik School of Pharmacy in 2013. She has experience in bioidentical hormone therapy, compounding, and Medication Therapy Management counseling which has helped her to build a pharmacy that incorporates both pharmaceutics and natural components. Dr. Clack, along with certified nutrition and wellness consultant Emilie Pacheco, has created a pharmacy…show more content…
Clack-Co Concierge Consulting meets one-on-one with patients to discuss options that can include hormonal balance, metabolic medicine, or even botanical choices to truly tailor a patient’s treatment. They discuss goals and current healthcare matters with patients, and then create a personalized plan for each patient. They offer creation of exercise plans, evaluation of eating habits, and testing, ranging from saliva to dried blood tests. Clack-Co’s mission statement includes their goal is to unite with other healthcare providers to develop customized treatment plans for each patient. Regenerative medicine focuses on helping the body heal itself. Clack Co’s focus on regenerative medicine helps to offer a treatment plan that incorporates many different aspects of health, rather than just medications. This balances natural products with manmade medications for an innovative approach to integrated medicine. To learn more about Clack Concierge Consulting and its owner Dr. Jenna Clack, visit

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