Claflin University Research Paper

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Claflin University is one of the most significant academic institutions in the state of South Carolina. Despite the small size of the campus, Claflin University has much to offer to its students and faculty. Therefore, during my first semester, I fell in love with five aspects of the university and I learned to appreciate the heritage of Claflin University. Although the campus may appear to be boring at times, Claflin University offers a safe environment for all of its students. This is one of my favorite aspects of Claflin because without a safe campus, it is impossible for the students to learn effectively. Also, the administration of Claflin University goes above and beyond to make sure that the new students are successful during their first year in college. I admire the fact that the university cares about the wellbeing of its freshmen due to the fact that most colleges do not pay to the conditions of the new students. It is evident that administration of Claflin University love the students and they want all of the students to become successful…show more content…
I appreciate the historical value of Claflin University because without black universities, people of color would not have been able to receive a higher education. As a student at historically black university, I take pride in the significance of my academic institution. Furthermore, I love that fact that our administrators constantly remind us about the heritage of our university. It is essential for students to learn about the significance of historically black colleges in order to appreciate their education. Also, I admire the faculty and staff who empower young, black students. Without empowerment, many young, black student would stop the pursuit of education and lean towards other options. Claflin University allows students to reach their fullest potential and develop leadership skills for the
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