Claire's Place Foundation Case Study

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For the first time since their existence, the American Marketing Association (AMA) will be hosting an event on campus to celebrate the founder of a charity for people with cystic fibrosis.
A fundraising event, however will be organized on campus to collect donations for the charity, Claire’s place foundation. All the proceeds will go to the organization as a surprise check to the founder, Claire Wineland. AMA is looking forward raising around $10,000 for the charity.
An active member of AMA, Sabrina Bocaranda is a freshman International Business major who takes pride in the efforts made for fundraising so far.
“All the money that we fundraise at the event is going to the cause of Claire’s place Foundation. Ultimately, It will help support
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“ Espinoza said.
Claire will be coming on campus on March 8 to talk about her foundation and experiences. AMA has been fundraising for a few weeks to help support the charity.
According to Espinoza, it will be an open event and anyone interested may attend and participate.
AMA will be fundraising money for Claire’s place foundation on March 1, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the College of Business Complex (CBC) courtyard.
For more information, contact the American Marketing Association at or visit their office in Ryder’s Business Room 307B. For those interested in volunteering in the Flash mob, contact Bocaranda at
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