How Did Alois Alzheimer's Disease Impact Society

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Did you know that over 5.4 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s disease? Alois Alzheimer was the guy who discovered Alzheimer’s disease. He dedicated his whole life to his career and research. The result of his dedication was amazing. Clara Barton was another person who dedicated her life to her career. She discovered the American Red Cross. This organization has helped many people over the years. Alois Alzheimer and Clara Barton were two people who had a lasting effect on society and on the medical field. Clara Barton and Alois Alzheimer had a very different childhood and family life. Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts. Barton was a shy child who first found her calling in the medical field after she took…show more content…
Alois Alzheimer made a huge impact on the medical field and also on society. Alzheimer dedicated his life to his career and research. Eventually discovering the disease now to be called Alzheimer’s disease. He spent many days and weeks in the laboratory conducting microscopic investigations to determine what happens in the human brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease. He also impacted society a great deal. Due to Alzheimer’s investigations about Alzheimer disease, people can now go to the hospital with symptoms and with brain scans being down and Alzheimer disease can be diagnosed and treated to the best of the doctor ability. Even though there is no cure doctors can slow down the process of the disease. On the other hand Clara Barton has also made a huge impact on the medical field and society. Barton made an impact on the medical field by jumping in and treating the wounded in war and also by creating the organization called the American Red Cross. This organization has had and still has an impact on society because they help people who have suffered from disasters such as house fires or a flood. The American Red Cross will always do what they can to help. (Maya Aouad, “Alois
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