Clara Barton And The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War: “the central event in America's historical consciousness” (A Brief Overview of the American Civil War). This was a period of time full of blood, violence, and severe tension between a “united” nation to solve the abiding dispute over slavery. During the Civil War, thousands of soldiers were wounded and killed. Because of the constant trauma, nurses played a huge role during the Civil War. Having nurses on the battlefield to respond to wounded soldiers was crucial in saving lives, so soldiers could eventually continue to fight. Clara Barton was one well-known nurse for the Union. Her medical care lead her to continue research in the medical field in order to help people all around the country in a more efficient way. As founder of the American Red Cross and advocate for improved medical care during the Civil War, Clara Barton is one of the most influential women in the medical field. Clara Barton was born in Oxford Massachusetts on December 25, 1821. She had her very first nursing experience as a…show more content…
She also gave speeches and lectures about what others could do in order to help and protect ones less fortunate. Despite her older age, she continued to show others how selfless she was and how proved just how devoted she was to improving as many people’s lives as she could.She put almost all her time, energy, and heart into countless humanitarian causes and gradually became a known symbol of charity and self-sacrifice. She was so generous and kind-hearted that she never took a pay for her job as president of the American Red Cross. Instead, she often used the money to support people involved in disasters. A few years later, she went on to write a book in 1907 called The Story of My Childhood as well. She was a working woman up until the day she died in her own house in Glen Echo, Maryland on April 12, 1912 (Clara Barton,; Clara Barton,
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