Clara Barton: Angel Of The Battlefield

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Angel of the Battlefield Clara Barton was a courageous bundle of a girl. Throughout her lifetime she accomplished various admirable tasks. Of course, there were obstacles along the way. She was faced with overcoming personal and shared struggles. Not only that, she was forced to grow up and mature at a young age. Despite all of the chaos, she encouraged others to help people that were caught up in disasters of their own. People admired her unique quality of wanting to take care of the sick and wounded. As well as overcoming her childhood struggles, she became a teacher, founded the American Red Cross, and accomplished much more. On top of it all, she always remembered her heart and became an inspiration all over the world. She still touches…show more content…
She was the one who pushed Clara to become a teacher. At age fifteen she began teaching at nearby schools. Her first job was located in Hightstown. One day she was visiting Bordentown, New Jersey and quickly became disturbed by all the children that were home playing in the streets instead of at school. Unfortunately, like many schools, families were required to pay much more than they could afford. Because of this, many children were unable to attend school. Without hesitation, she went to the school committee and said she would teach for free if children could attend without cost. She soon became the first person to open a free school welcoming all ages. The enrollment numbers drastically and astonishingly changed from six children to six hundred. Her shyness too seemed to dissipate in front of an appreciative audience. Her own passion for learning and teaching was infectious. She treated her students with consideration and fairness. She had a unique, but effective way of discipline. Unlike many others, she would not use any type of force when disciplining. She would go out and join the kids at recess winning over the toughest boys with her athletic readiness. She used this strategy to keep them from playing too rough with their other classmates. She had a genuine bond with every child she taught and every classroom she taught in. She once said, “The surest test of discipline is its absence.” (Clara
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