What Is Clara Barton's Role In Breaking The Red Cross

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[1] Clara Barton, who was born on December 25, 1821, happily lived in a family of seven children. [3]Intently listening to her father’s war stories, Clara had compassion for the wounded soldiers and desired to help as much as she could.[5] When she was older, she decided to persuade the stern army to allow her become their nurse. [6] She was very successful. [4] Forming the Red cross, Clara began to collect the needs of the soldiers like a scavenger seeking out nuts in the leaves. [2] During wars, Clara would distribute supplies and food to the army while she nursed and cared for the injured. [1]She persuaded many women to join the Red Cross to help the soldiers fighting for their own freedom. [4] Clara and the women who assisted her left the still thriving Red Cross to help with the tragedies everywhere. [1] Clara Barton was born on a chilly Christmas morning in Oxford, Massachusetts.[3] Joyfully, Clara lived in a quaint, little…show more content…
[1] Clara, at first, was only allowed to drive wagons with valuable supplies and medicines for soldiers in need of them. [5] While she was caring for a wounded soldier, a lieutenant worriedly came up to Clara and told her to leave because it was no place for a lady, but Clara refused and kept on tending to the wounded. [4] Caring for the injured soldiers, Clara, who was growing weak, traveled with the army for the remainder of the war in 1863. [5] While she was resting in Europe, Clara found herself in the midst of the Franco-German Conflict. [3] Willingly, Clara Barton helped distribute supplies like a peacemaker between France and Germany. [5] Since she had worked so courageously for the army, Clara Barton returned home in 1873 with an Iron Cross to represent her work. [6] Clara soon became well known. [1] She is now recognized as the Angle of the Battlefield because of her selfless service in the Civil War
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