A Place In The Sun Feminist Analysis

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In fact, menstrual blood is always associated with uncleanliness and impurity. Kennedy uses this female taboo as a representation of female’s creativity and writing. She also uses the black ink as a symbol of blood which represents pain and struggle Clara fights by “writing her wounds” and as a symbol of her power because she writes in black “that comes from inside of her” (Geis 177). In fact, writing is something that Clara was to escape from the image that Hollywood offered as an alternative of her doomed life. After failing to escape racism and sexism that are apparent in the Hollywood world, Clara relies to writing as a means to escape her doomed life. She tries to finish her play without her family’s support. Her husband calls her writing as a useless “obsession” that he can live without it. EDDIE. {……………} I have enough money for us to live well with my teachings. We could all be happy. (75) Through the play Kennedy offers beds as a controlling symbol. When Brando and Peters sit on the bed, it suggests their wedded love. When representing Clara’s own…show more content…
After several dates with George, Alice gets pregnant. Meanwhile, George falls in love with another lady, Angela Vickers, and tries to end his relationship with Alice. Feeling deserted and deceived, Alice tries to blackmail George, and he finds that her death will end his suffering. He plans to take her in a boat and drowns her. Although he fails to go on his plan, Alice falls in the water and drowns. The movie is based on the American novel “An American tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser 1931. The movie’s tragedy echoes Clara’s own tragedy with her husband Eddie. Both Clara and (Alice) Winters quest for a place in the sun. Both of them is left by her husband. Clara and Winters lose their children, and both ask for help and cannot find anyone to listen for their cry. Kolin
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