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A German composer, wife, and mother; Clara Schumann paved the way for many female composers and musicians today. Amidst entering the music world at the age of five, Clara's' love for music enabled her to stay in the field of music for 61 years. Producing a total of twenty nine songs, three part songs, and twenty four compositions for piano; subsequently, enhancing her love for concert performance. Clara performed the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Bac, J.Brahms, and Robert Schumann, dedicating herself more to the interpretation of her peers music rather than her own. Surviving the deaths of her beloved husband and four children, while never loosing sight of who she was, Clara deserves to be recognized for being the powerful woman and musician that she was.

Born on September 13,1819, to Marianne Wieck --a famous singer-- and Friedrich Wieck --a famous composer-- Clara Wieck (her name
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Robert Schumann (a childhood friend since the age of eight) had gained Clara's heart and immediately started a conflict between her and her father. Since there was a nine year age difference between Clara and Robert, and Robert was said to have been a modern day womanizer, Mr.Wieck did not fancy the growing relationship between the two. After the secret engagement and denial of marriage by Mr.Wieck, Robert and Clara finally got the courage to sue Mr.wieck for the permission of marriage; nevertheless, after winning the court case they were married a day before Clara's twenty first birthday.

The marriage between Clara and Robert was a match made in heaven; however, Robert did not approve of Clara's profession so he was not of much support to her. Surprisingly in 1840 not longer after their marriage Clara wrote "Am Strande" and gave it to Robert as a Christmas present. Am Strande was a vocal
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