Clare Boothe Luce Speech

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Clare Boothe Luce a respected and trusted Journalists of the American press. Luce was given an authority to talk about the American Press where she take it as an opportunity to criticize the tendency of the American press. Luce have uses tone shift within the tone shift she have used pathos, allusion and she have also used an irony to prepare the audience for her message.
She have started her introduction with a positive tone where her tone as created a rhetoric device of pathos and this pathos have make the audience feel special due to her positive diction. As Luce have stated at the beginning of her introduction line 1 and 2 “ I am happy and flattered to be a guest of honor on this always exciting and challenging occasion”. When she say
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Almost all throughout the speech she have talk negative about the American press where it show that she is disappointed. When she said “I am less happy than you might think and more challenged than you could know” it show that she is not happy to talked about it even though she is happy to be there.As she go she have said that she is asked, and request and invited to “throw rocks” at the American press.This is an allusion where it reference way back where stoning at people took place. Even though the stoning doesn’t take place anymore she is going to say hurtful words and go hard as someone were throwing stone at them. When she said “Throw rocks” she is saying that she going to judge their work because back then people throw rock because someone was being judged on what they did. Throughout the speech she show and talked about the wrong with the American press but she suddenly shift her tone in line 50 through 54 which created an irony. When she stated “I must begin by saying that if there is much that wrong with American press, there is also much that is right with it”. Her audience was not expecting that after taking so much negative and showing wrong the American press she would say that American press can also be good when. Even though she said so many things wrong the American press she also said that there is something good with
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