Clare Macwurter's Abortion Case Study

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This scenario is about a young twenty-two year old woman, named Clare Macwurter. Even though Clare is twenty-two, she was mentally a child. Her being this way was due to complications during her birth that caused irreversible brain damage. Even with her mental state, Clare’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Macwurter, made sure she was able to live a happy life and carry out basic daily functions in order to care for herself. Clare was not able to read, but she enjoyed other basic things like watching TV and listening to music. Despite Clare’s mental capacity she was still a growing young woman which meant she was still interested in sex. While in special school, Clare and another student had sex in the supply closet, but the family quickly put the situation behind them. A year or so later, Clare left the school and stayed at home with her mother, except for when she needed to go shopping or run other errands, then she would stay at her uncles, John Macwurter, house with him and his wife. Soon, to Mr. and Mrs. Macwurter’s surprise, Clare appeared to be pregnant and there was seemingly no clear evidence as to…show more content…
Macwurter, I would be in full support of her decision to go ahead with Clare’s abortion. Again, given all that have stated throughout the paper as far as the inconvenience to the family as well as the detriments to Clare herself. Clare Macwurter having the baby jus is not the best decision for the family. I would also encourage Mrs. Macwurter to push for John Macwurter to pay for the abortion, even if it is against his moral beliefs. I see it as since he is the father and it is not clear as to if he himself is going to help in the future care of the child, his main responsibility is to follow the wishes of Clare’s parents. Of course if he was willing to have responsibility in the caring of the child and caring for Clare the decision would change, but since it does not seem so I see his only option being to follow the parents’
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