Clarence Darow's Accomplishments

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As a member of the admissions board for the United States University, I would like to nominate ten very accomplished individuals for acceptance into this year’s class. These ten individuals have shown their dedication in their respective fields and offer to better not only the university, but put their efforts to work together for the betterment of society. Along with these ten nominations, I have created a two person waitlist should any of the ten choose not to accept their acceptance and attend United States University this coming fall. The ten applicants I nominate for acceptance: Clarence Darrow, Charles Dawes, Babe Ruth, Robert Jones, Harold Grange, Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, Duke Ellington, Charles Lindbergh, and Margaret Sanger.…show more content…
Darrow has proven himself to be one of the top defense lawyers in the country; often the underdog, he has defeated the likes of William Jennings Bryan and has defended the innocent. Darrow most notably was able to defend Ossian Sweet when he was accused of murdering a white Klu Klux Klan member. Due to the racial tendencies of the time and place, many thought that Sweet would be convicted and executed, but Darrow was able to prove his client innocent and drop all the charges against ten other African Americans involved in the trial. Charles Dawes has been recognized for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his accomplishments both politically and in the courtroom. Dawes started off in President McKinley’s electoral campaign and ended in the peace talks between France and Germany. He was commended for the Dawes Plan with helped to balance the German economy after being decimated from World War I. Dawes is also a musician and an Author. Both these men’s accomplishments in the study of law shows their dedication and devotion, as well as their natural intelligence and sociability. Darrow and Dawes will excel not only in the classroom, but also allow the University to make major advancements in the fields of law and international

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